Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It seems, wherever you are in the continental US, strange patterns have arrived this summer. It’s a cool and breezy 60-something in the Midwest, we’re drowning in the thick, mugginess of heat and rain in the NE, and the west seems to be having a mad case of sporadic infernos.

But to ease us from the pangs of summer (Mia’s a fan of winter here on CFC), we’ve rounded up little curiosities for you to enjoy this mid-July weekend!

1. A simple enough Pimm’s Cup recipe to set your spirits in the weekend mood.

2. This touching site aims to help a grandson identify photographs taken by his Alzheimer-ridden grandfather…

3. Watch Kiera Knightley struggle in adulthood and befriend a teenage Chloe Moretz in this Laggies trailer!

4. Let your jaw drop at these beautifully crafted steel dandelion fairies currently display on the UK.

5. Can’t score a username and password for HBOGO? Well have no fear! Here are four super cheap and legal ways to get your binge watch on.

6. Everyday puns cutely illustrated FTW!

7. We could stare at these fun kitchen accessories all day.

8. Brit + Co shows us how to eat these nine in season veggies 18 different ways!

9. The National WWI Museum in Kansas City takes the infamous Ferdinand assassination to Twitter, 140 characters at at time.

10. Thank you Refinery29 for this all-budgets guide to wedding gift giving!


Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Happy 4th of July weekend folks! What’s your favorite 4th of July memory?

1. Women in Iran have started a “My Stealthy Freedom” movement after journalist Misah Alinejad posted a hijab-free selfie.

2. A behavioral study conducted on Chicago’s mass transit systems revealed some interesting finds on what happens when we engage with our fellow commuters.

3. A secret aquarium discovered in an abandoned Bangkock mall!

4. The simplistic and minimalist awesomeness of this wallet and this desk organizer.

5. This handy and graphically inclined website let’s you know when it’s time to update your web browser.

6. Pablo Escobar’s hippos currently run wild in Columbia. Interesting…

7. Michelle Howard just became the first (that’s right, the first!) female to be named a four-star admiral in the US Navy.

8. Ready to smile? 25 of the cutest wildlife parenting moments caught on film!

9. This BBQ condiment set and this grater to aid in your weekend party festivities!

10. Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy team up in this About-a-Boy-esque dramedy 😀

Remember to slather on some sunscreen and hydrate this weekend! Let the festivities begin!


Street Style: A Weekend Hashtag Project

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When it comes to Instagram, I’m a huge fan. Every day I try to photograph the interesting people and places that cross my path. Whether it be while riding underground on the subway in Brooklyn or walking pretty on the High Line in Chelsea, I’m always on the lookout for my next insta-photograph.

Every weekend Instagram has a Weekend Hashtag Project and every Friday the Instagram blog details the current assignment. This past weekend: Street Style.

In order to participate, you actually had to interact with the subject of your photograph, something I do .01% of the time. The very thought of approaching a stranger, complimenting them on their style, posing and then photographing them scared the shite out of me!

Luckily, after walking out of a showing Obvious Child at BAM in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, I had my friends in tow for emotional support. As we crossed the street in search of a cafe for light dinner and drinks, I spotted this brother and sister duo looking rather stylish. The rest is history 😀


Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


Borrowed from The Little Things

Is it almost July already?! Below is some awesome link love that Grace and I have put together to get you through the rest of June. Stay hydrated out there and enjoy a delicious ice cream for us!

1. The votes are in! The Huxtables are America’s favorite TV family but how do they compare to the average American household?

2. These posters FTW.

3. Watch how an original Steinway piano is made from start to finish with the original factory tour narration from Steinway himself!

4. Mindy Kaling made a celebrity visit to Google’s “Made with Code” event, which encourages girls to code. Who knew these fab bracelets could be made with programming language!

5. These innovative tents let you sleep in the trees!

6. Watching the World Cup? Apparently we have an Uruguayan biter on our hands!

7. These trippy photographs are made with light inside your camera. Looks like something Wonka himself would enjoy ;D

8. Ooh, a furniture, retrofitted vacuum cleaner! Could this be the home of the future? Are we finally keeping up with the Jetsons?!

9. How to spend the first 10 minutes of your day.

10. Sadly, our SCOTUS has deemed Aereo unconstitutional.

Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

this little guy found on "pieces of meesh"

this little guy found on “pieces of meesh

Has it really nearly been a fortnight since the beginning of June?! Enjoy the weekend curious readers but to jump start the weekend, take in the awesomeness below!

1. The Chinese circus takes on Swan Lake and it’s AMAZING!

2. An illustrated guide to New York City’s famed bookstores.

3. Some badass, nerdy t-shirts FTW!

4. Where to find Orange is the New Black’s Pie and Ice Cream truck!

5. Need some inspiration? Watch or read Shonda Rhimes’ Dartmouth commencement speech and listen to this one minute of bittersweet advice from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech for the Maharishi University of Management.

6. Experience your inner child and get thee to a theater! The How to Train Your Dragon sequel promises an amazing time!

7. Watch out Japan! New York City gets its first Cat Cafe. Yep, it’s a thing.

8. Turn your favorite pair of earphones into a stethoscope! There has to be a Beats by Dre pun in here somewhere…

9. For everyone missing funnyman Dave Chappelle, have no fear! He was spotted on David Letterman the other night and is hilarious as ever!

10. Ever wonder why we Americans refrigerate our eggs and folks in the UK don’t?