Emack & Bolio’s: A Boston Born Ben & Jerry’s


Upon entering Emack & Bolio’s I was struck by all the similarities to Ben & Jerry’s. The small store front was eclectic, colorful and fun. They offer more than ice cream and frozen yogurt however, they also have smoothies, juices, ice cream pizza, chocolate, fudge and micro-brewed soda. This Boston born chain store has a very interesting tale of birth. The founder was a music lawyer who started the business as a place where musicians could unwind and soothe their cravings. Their website claims ties with Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, U2, James Brown and Al Green.

We visited the little store in Soho and when we arrived it was packed. This particular location does not have much seating or space in general.


I ordered a smoothie and we all shared the Grasshopper Pie. The smoothie was good but not terribly impressive. The Grasshopper Pie flavor ice cream however was very rich and flavorful. I was very impressed. There were plenty of Oreo chunks in every bite and it was well balanced with the mint flavor. If all their ice cream is that creamy I will be back!


Scary Thoughts: A Weekend at Lemp Mansion


This past weekend me and my two best girlfriends went to St. Louis for a girls weekend. It was a last minute trip and we were having trouble booking a hotel or B&B. In the crazy mix of emails I got my wires crossed and booked us at the Lemp Mansion.

I did not know it was a haunted mansion.

The Lemp Family Legacy started in St. Louis in 1838 when Johann Adam Lemp moved to STL from Germany. Their fortune was built on beer. While they had luck building their fortune times changed and events took a turn.

Suicide #1- William J. Lemp Sr. shot himself in the head after the death of his favorite son.

Suicide #2 – Elsa Lemp shot herself in the heart after having some issues in her marriage.

Suicide #3 – William Lemp Jr. shot himself in the heart  after the brewery fell on hard times.

Suicide #4 – Charles Lemp shot himself.

All four suicides were committed in the mansion. There are also a handful of natural deaths that also occurred in the mansion. All these events seem to be why The Lemp Mansion is one of the Top Ten Most Haunted Places in America.

Night One: We arrived late about 9:30pm. Dinner theater was in full swing on the first floor, restaurant level. The mansion was beautiful, old and elegant. They checked us in and lead us to the second floor where our room was. The second floor was much more eerie. It was strangely quiet compared to the boisterous cacophony in the restaurant. Our room was The William Suite which shared a Bathroom with The Charles Suite. The second floor was full of paintings and mirrors as was our bed room. It was very comfortable and spacious. There was a mood about the place however and we had to go to the bathroom in pairs. We all got ready for bed together and all slept in the King bed. As soon as the lights were off. It all got a bit creepier. It was an old house so some noises were expected but that doesn’t mean it didn’t put our senses on alert. I fell asleep easily though. Only later did a realize that, though the mansion was sold out, we had not seen or heard another guest.

When I woke up the next morning my immediate thought was to not open my eyes. I was super nervous something would be looking back at me. I could hear the other two girls still sleeping. Keeping my eyes closed lulled me back to sleep and I woke up later when Kelsey got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom and found the house unnaturally still. I ended up having another girl go with me. Showering was a disturbing experience, though my clothes were just cotton fabric they felt like protection in the old house. We left by the light of the sun, wary of shadowy corners as we made our way back out the back door.

Night Two: We were out all day. When we returned for the evening we arrived after hours and had to enter from the back. At first the key would not turn. We were nervous and creeped out but as we continued to struggle with the key we all just lost patience. Entering the dark building it was again eerily quiet. We arrived at the Charles Suite our bedroom for the evening excited that it was closer to the bathroom. This room had a door that opened across a hall from the bathroom, another door to the nursery, which is not a rentable room but a maintenance closet of sorts and a third door that opened onto the hall with the main stairs. As I curled up on the couch with a door near my feet and my head made me a bit edgy, but again I fell asleep.

I slept until the light shone through our windows. I showered all by myself, though I kept sneaking glances out of the shower curtain to make sure I was really alone. And we left in the morning with out incident.

We did look on the third floor as well as basement but renovations have changed the mansion in the last 10 years. Kelsey had been on a tour in the Lemp mansion once before and remembered a drop stairs to the attic. We were unable to find this. There are articles that mention tunnels to the brewery in the basement. The basement was all kitchen and dinning space there was one server station that was rounded that might possible be “tunnel-esque” but it was blocked.

All in all nothing terribly frightening happened, but it is undeniable that there was a temperature and ambiance about the place.
IMG_2543 IMG_2551 IMG_2553 IMG_2552 IMG_2548 IMG_2562 IMG_2563 IMG_2565 IMG_2566



Popbar popped up on my radar via Pinterest. The pistachio bar with pistachio nut coating and half dark chocolate dip was a rich green and brown color and it really drew my eye.


So the next time I went to New York I had to visit the store, this was the closest one I could get to. Other locations are in California, Canada and Indonesia.

I chose the pineapple bar with white chocolate half dip and coconut toppings. It was really flavorful. The fruity bar was very refreshing on that hot day. Honestly, I think it would have been better sans the chocolate. This was a light snack that really hit the spot.



Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It seems, wherever you are in the continental US, strange patterns have arrived this summer. It’s a cool and breezy 60-something in the Midwest, we’re drowning in the thick, mugginess of heat and rain in the NE, and the west seems to be having a mad case of sporadic infernos.

But to ease us from the pangs of summer (Mia’s a fan of winter here on CFC), we’ve rounded up little curiosities for you to enjoy this mid-July weekend!

1. A simple enough Pimm’s Cup recipe to set your spirits in the weekend mood.

2. This touching site aims to help a grandson identify photographs taken by his Alzheimer-ridden grandfather…

3. Watch Kiera Knightley struggle in adulthood and befriend a teenage Chloe Moretz in this Laggies trailer!

4. Let your jaw drop at these beautifully crafted steel dandelion fairies currently display on the UK.

5. Can’t score a username and password for HBOGO? Well have no fear! Here are four super cheap and legal ways to get your binge watch on.

6. Everyday puns cutely illustrated FTW!

7. We could stare at these fun kitchen accessories all day.

8. Brit + Co shows us how to eat these nine in season veggies 18 different ways!

9. The National WWI Museum in Kansas City takes the infamous Ferdinand assassination to Twitter, 140 characters at at time.

10. Thank you Refinery29 for this all-budgets guide to wedding gift giving!

SKY ICE a la Brooklyn


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSky Ice is a flavor paradise located on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. When you walk in the kitschy little corner shop the vibe is shabby chic adorableness. The ice cream freezer counter is not unusual but all the flavors are written across the glass are. The flavors are all creative and intriguing.

We got a sampler tray with five flavors:

Roasted Thai Coconut – Light texture but rich flavor with a flavor reminiscent of the leftover milk after a bowl of sugary kids cereal and coconut.

Black Sesame Seaweed – This was also light on the tongue but rich in flavor. It reminded me of a Chinese dessert my dad makes, zhi ma tang yuan.

Lychee Rose – Very rich for a sorbet, a sweet strong lychee start with a very rose finish but not getting soapy like some rose flavored things tend to do.

Honey Ginger – Very subtle start, all honey, with a HUGE spicy ginger kick that really lingers on the tongue.

Belgium Chocolate Brownie – Creamy full texture and full flavor, like eating melted chocolate with little bits of chewy brownie evenly mixed in. This was the most traditional.

This place was adorable and fun to sit in. The signs along the wall to the bathroom were hilarious. The mood in the place was of pleasant camaraderie as there were five women working in the kitchen while we were there. Everyone seemed in good spirits and worked together well in such a small space. The restaurant no longer just serves frozen desserts but also Thai food – I can’t wait to go back!

Here is a great video about the place and some photos we took:

IMG_9165 IMG_9170 IMG_9166

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Kilwin’s: A sweet little paradise

Kilwins-Chocolates-Photo-by-KelleyAdam While recently in Michigan I found my way to a Kilwin’s. After dinner I had gone in search of dessert and found my way to paradise. Kilwin’s is chock full of candy, fudge, ice cream, chocolates, brittles, taffys and candied apples. It is the land of all things covered in chocolate. It was hard to decide what sweet to get let alone a flavor. Eventually, I did find my way to the ice cream counter. Kilwins touts all original recipes for their ice creams and have quite a few unique flavors. kilwins-ice-cream-flavors1 The decision was really tough. I was torn between Georgia Peach, Rum Raisin, and Toasted Coconut, but in the end I picked Toasted Coconut. I could not have made a better decision as it was honestly the best thing I have ever tasted. I am still dreaming about that ice cream. In fact, I have already looked for the nearest Kilwin’s to my home and am planning a trip! If you haven’t tried the Kilwin’s near you, my advice is GO! IMG_4310 IMG_4308 IMG_4307 IMG_4306 IMG_4305 IMG_4301 IMG_4300 IMG_4299 IMG_4304 building photo credit. flavor board photo credit.

Journey to the “Original” Starbucks

I visited Seattle for the first time over the 4th of July weekend and on the “to-do” list was to visit the original Starbucks.

Fun fact: The original Starbucks no longer exists. The original storefront was located on 2000 Western Ave from 1971-1976. 135 ft away, however, in the famous Pike Place Market, now resides the longest standing Starbucks.

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But before we could enter the hallowed Starbucks and indulge in historical, coffee deliciousness, we stopped by the Piroshky Piroshky Bakery and procured a pair of Russian delicacies that would perfectly compliment our Starbucks drinks. I think Red would be proud.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

In the end, I went with a good ‘ol tall mocha frappuccino while my friend Bridget opted for the coffee-free caramel frappuccino. I bought a mug too!

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