Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


Borrowed from The Little Things

Is it almost July already?! Below is some awesome link love that Grace and I have put together to get you through the rest of June. Stay hydrated out there and enjoy a delicious ice cream for us!

1. The votes are in! The Huxtables are America’s favorite TV family but how do they compare to the average American household?

2. These posters FTW.

3. Watch how an original Steinway piano is made from start to finish with the original factory tour narration from Steinway himself!

4. Mindy Kaling made a celebrity visit to Google’s “Made with Code” event, which encourages girls to code. Who knew these fab bracelets could be made with programming language!

5. These innovative tents let you sleep in the trees!

6. Watching the World Cup? Apparently we have an Uruguayan biter on our hands!

7. These trippy photographs are made with light inside your camera. Looks like something Wonka himself would enjoy ;D

8. Ooh, a furniture, retrofitted vacuum cleaner! Could this be the home of the future? Are we finally keeping up with the Jetsons?!

9. How to spend the first 10 minutes of your day.

10. Sadly, our SCOTUS has deemed Aereo unconstitutional.


2014 Television Upfronts!


One of the events I get really amped up about every year is network television’s Upfront Week. Every year in the spring, the major television broadcast networks present its slate of new shows to potential advertisers and the press. While I go into extreme detail over on my personal blog about what NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS have in store for us this year, I wanted to do a quick brief here and highlight some of the most interesting shows to come to light this week.


When I first heard that NBC had ordered to series a Katherine Heigl led drama, I immediately went, “ew, not interested,” and moved on. However, after watching the trailer, I changed my mind. Not only does it star Alfre Woodard as a black and female POTUS, it appears to have the right mix of drama and political intrigue that isn’t gimicky. Plus, the little twist at the end of the trailer made my jaw drop.


ABC by far delivered the most shows I’m looking forward to this fall. The president of ABC’s Entertainment Group openly stated that he’s aiming to push the envelope on diversity when it comes to the 2014-2015 primetime slate. Because of this, such comedies as “Black-ish” and “Fresh off the Boat” portray an all minority cast that has been missing from our television screens. And from the drama department, “How to Get Away with Murder,” “American Crime,” and “The Whispers,” all have me wanting to watch the premieres. Lastly, and most surprisingly, is the new fantastical, musical comedy “Galavant.” Check out the trailers below!


Fox presented an eclectic mix of shows this week, but out of the mixed bag, “Gotham,” “Gracepoint,” and “Red Band Society,” caught my full attention. Gotham is a prequel to Batman and follows a young Jim Gordon as he tries to clean up the corrupt city while kid Bruce Wayne deals with the death of his parents. Gracepoint is a BBC import of David Tennant’s highly acclaimed Broadchurch and Red Band Society centers around youngsters living in a pediatric ward [no trailer yet].


CBS is quite the predictable network and the only standout show I can’t wait to check out is Spielberg produced “Extant.” Extant is a sci-fi mystery that follows astronaut Molly Watts (Halle Berry) who has just returned home from a 13-month solo mission only to find out that she’s pregnant. Alongside her are her husband John Woods (Goran Visnjic) and the couple “raise” their AI robot child. Also semi interesting on CBS’ docket is “Madam Secretary” from which I’m getting major Hillary 2016 vibes from.

Sound off! What shows are you most interested in this season?

Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

It’s Friday ya’ll and that means one thing! We’re ready for the weekend!

But to keep your curious minds at ease, Grace and I have pulled together our top 10 finds of the week to satisfy your ever curious appetites!

1. For all you Orphan Black fans, BBC America has finally released a season two trailer worthy of the show it’s promoting. Check it out here.

2. Samuel L. Jackson made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and performed slam poetry in honor of Boy Meets World.

3. Unsatisfied with Gravity? Then have no fear! This Superman/Gravity mash-up explores an alternate ending to the space epic.

4. This hilarious McSweeney describes the epic tale of heroism as one man rises to the challenge to fix his girlfriend’s grandparent’s wifi.

5. Planning on shopping this weekend? Ann Taylor Loft and Kate Spade (Saturday included) are having quite the generous sales!

6. New York City is hosting The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt until April 17th. This is the second time this particular hunt has been put on. There is an app that, egg hunters and spotters are logging their finds. Good luck hunters!

7. New controversy surrounds the New York Mets as second baseman Daniel Murphy takes a leave of absence for wife and newborn. Apparently some baseball fans don’t agree with the leave.

8. A favorite blue grass band is back with a new album after a seven year hiatus, just in time for their 25th Anniversary. Nickel Creek’s A Dotted Line is awesome!

9. Found this article by Rebecca Hains, “What’s the Problem with Pink and Princess?”. So interesting to see the defense against pink.

10. Beautiful photographs of sunsets taken through shattered glass almost look like butterfly wings!

Happy Weekending!

NBC’s Crisis


Crisis, if I can put it simply, is about an over eager and idealistic rookie secret service agent (Lance Gross) who finds himself in the middle of hostage situation involving the children of the DC elite including the President’s son. The plot also centers around an unlikely inside made played by Dylan McDermott, a distraught mother whose daughter has been kidnapped (the X-Files’ Gillian Anderson) and the FBI agent assigned to the case (Rachael Taylor) who just happens to be the lead, distraught mom’s sister.

A lot is thrown at you during the pilot episode and I could have done without so many plot related twists and turns. However, the action sequences have proved impressive and while the strained dialogue would benefit from more robust television writing (ex: Robert and Michelle King of The Good Wife), Crisis does position itself more as a plot driven show than character driven.

Likewise, as the pilot came to an end and nothing came to any sort of conclusion, I can’t help but think that Crisis is NBC’s mini-series event answer to CBS’ Hostages. And while I never watched Hostages, it was generally well received.

If you prefer plot over character, than this show might be for you. As for me, if the dialogue and inter-character drama doesn’t stabilize, I might have to pull the plug on this one.

Crisis airs on NBC at 10/9c. You can catch up on Hulu or NBC.com.

Entertainment Tech on a Budget

There’s some nifty tech out there, but for a millennial on a budget, most seem out of reach.

However, there are two products I’d like to get my hands on.
The first is Aero. Essentially, Aero is live streamed television over the internet. Just like you can obtain free network and public access stations when plugging in your television at home and angling your antenna just right, Aero takes from the television waves and beams them down to your portable device. Think along the lines of NBC, ABC, Fox, the CW and PBS.
via Aero

via Aero

Some caveats are that a) it’s currently under investigation over it’s illegality and heading to the Supreme Court for a ruling and b) it’s not available in all areas.
However, for a free one-month trial and only $8/mo after that, this newly minted New Yorker just might give it a try.
Second on the list is Google’s Chromecast. It almost seems to good to be true, but Chromecast offers an easier solution than finding what cables can attach seamlessly to both your laptop and television. Overpriced Apple additions anyone?
Chromecast promises to simply plug into your TV’s USB port and provide a wireless rout for you to “beam” your favorite streaming shows (via Hulu, Netflix, HBOGo, Roku, etc) directly to your television screen – like a second monitor.
via Google Chromecast

via Google Chromecast

Now this guy comes in around $35 and can be purchased via Amazon, Bestbuy, Google Play, Wal-Mart and Staples. It is not yet available for Kindle Fire nor can it stream Amazon Prime.

After 20 Years, Cosby’s Back to NBC

photo by Michael Rougier

photo by Michael Rougier

NBC announced recently that Bill Cosby will be joining the peacock network once again to develop a 30-minute sitcom with his long time creative partner Tom Werner (of Casey Werner). Cosby aims to develop and star in this creative project as the sole patriach of a multi-generational family – much like The Cosby Show.
The yet-to-be-named project is still putting together its creative team but I can’t help but wonder if NBC will be able to back such an endeavor. The last black centric primetime series NBC aired was the short lived J.J. Abrams drama Under Covers starring Boris Kodjoe and the critically acclaimed Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Currently on its primetime roster are token blacks sprinkled throughout Revolution, Parks and Rec, Parenthood, The Michael J. Fox Show and Chicago PD to name a few.
Fox, however, seems to have the most diverse primetime lineup with the likes of Sleepy Hollow, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Almost Human. A mere observation, not a scientific fact. Hopefully this Cosby endeavor will be a turning point in NBC’s diversity attempts.
Anywho, if Cosby prevails, it’ll be nice to have a primetime sit com centered around a black family aired once again on a major network. Perhaps people will start to realize (and remember – Fresh Prince of Bellair anyone?) that we don’t all have a Madea to call our own.
On a random note, if you’re in need of a “modern,” non Tyler Perry polluted family sitcom surrounding a black family, might I suggest heading over to CBS.com and checking out Everybody Hates Chris.