Just Read: Everything I Never Told You

If anything, do read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. While narrative and perspective are often times jumbled between time, drifting precariously from the 1950s to the turbulent 70s, you can’t but help feel drawn to the conflicted nature of this debut novel.


Ng’s debut centers around the death of middle sibling Lydia Lee and the black hole she leaves within the mixed race family. I found Lydia’s parents’ back story more compelling than the mystery surrounding Lydia’s death and in the end, when we are finally given the precise circumstances surrounding the unexpected tragedy, I found myself wanting more and slightly unsatisfied with the answers given…

Everything I Never Told You isn’t the best summer read I’ve devoured thus far, but it is an intriguing and oddly enjoyable one.

Recommend? Yes.


Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Found on "The Refined"

Found on “The Refined

It’s Friday again! Hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend. If you don’t, welcome summer loves! Take a vacation somewhere new! Take up a new summer hobby! Stand up paddle boarding anyone? Anyway, here are some links to make Friday go by faster and satisfy your weekend curiosities – Cheers!

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10. Electric skateboards might make skateboards more accessible. Check out this great video with three leading E-boards.