Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Happy 4th of July weekend folks! What’s your favorite 4th of July memory?

1. Women in Iran have started a “My Stealthy Freedom” movement after journalist Misah Alinejad posted a hijab-free selfie.

2. A behavioral study conducted on Chicago’s mass transit systems revealed some interesting finds on what happens when we engage with our fellow commuters.

3. A secret aquarium discovered in an abandoned Bangkock mall!

4. The simplistic and minimalist awesomeness of this wallet and this desk organizer.

5. This handy and graphically inclined website let’s you know when it’s time to update your web browser.

6. Pablo Escobar’s hippos currently run wild in Columbia. Interesting…

7. Michelle Howard just became the first (that’s right, the first!) female to be named a four-star admiral in the US Navy.

8. Ready to smile? 25 of the cutest wildlife parenting moments caught on film!

9. This BBQ condiment set and this grater to aid in your weekend party festivities!

10. Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy team up in this About-a-Boy-esque dramedy 😀

Remember to slather on some sunscreen and hydrate this weekend! Let the festivities begin!



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