Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Found on "The Refined"

Found on “The Refined

It’s Friday again! Hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend. If you don’t, welcome summer loves! Take a vacation somewhere new! Take up a new summer hobby! Stand up paddle boarding anyone? Anyway, here are some links to make Friday go by faster and satisfy your weekend curiosities – Cheers!

1. Ever been curious on what exactly goes on inside a dishwasher? Be curious no more!

2. We’ve all made our fair share of to-do lists but have you ever made a to-be list? It’s harder than you think!

3. Thailand adopts the hunger games salute in the face of Marshall Law.

4. Six simple habits to keep you consistently happy every day!

5. Mia put together some summer movies and books worth delving into 😀

6. Extreme Ping Pong: Pay attention, the net is rotating.

7.  Koala’s are known tree huggers but maybe not for the reasons you think.

8. 17 of the most creative watches ever made.

9. What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades.

10. Electric skateboards might make skateboards more accessible. Check out this great video with three leading E-boards.


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