Hung Liu: A Window into China

I used to intern at the Byron Cohen Gallery and Hung Liu was one of their featured artists. Her work really spoke my heritage and my aesthetic inclinations. Even today I find myself reminiscing about her work every now and then.

She started her education and artistic career in China and then came to America. Her pieces are simple portraits enhanced by thematic adornments. I really like the historical feel to some of her pieces, especially in contrast to her bright and joyous use of color. Her paintings and tapestry are superb but the multi-layer lacquer pieces are my absolute favorite. Many of them feature large areas or even backgrounds of glittering gold and the multiple layers of lacquer give them incredible depth.

Hung Liu’s many subjects are diverse and have been taken from photographs or even tomb murals of historical Chinese royalty. They evoke a feeling of age that balances her abstract style. Then she has more traditional paintings featuring a mixture of modern figures and features which seem to be her window into China today. They don’t have specific themes or messages but just evoke certain emotions. The emotions while viewing her pieces is real. All her pieces have a fairy tale elegance and ambiance about them.


The Photos below do not do it justice and were all collected from google.

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image for "Hung Liu, Early Morning" is to be displayed hereThere will be a show in KC for her at the Sherry Leedy Contempory Gallery in memory of Byron Cohen. It will open Sept 5th at First Fridays and run until October 31st.



Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


Welcome to the weekend. Let’s get away.

1. ICYMI: JK Rowling released a short story in the voice of Rita Skeeter! Read here to find out what our favorite heroes of Dumbledore’s Army have been up to.

2. Malcolm Gladwell on criticism (Grace even met him once in an airport!)

3. These art prints. 

4. What diversity in YA means to this Asian author.

5. A July music playlist from Manhattan lifestyle blogger Note to Self!

6. Who knew that social Media can be a relationship longevity indicator.

7. Emma Watson is the new Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s gender equality arm. We like to think Hermione Granger would be proud 😀

8. Wine, your old best friend.

9. Trampoline in a cave? Yes please!

10. Keep your eyes peeled in these cities! You might see something.

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Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


Borrowed from The Little Things

Is it almost July already?! Below is some awesome link love that Grace and I have put together to get you through the rest of June. Stay hydrated out there and enjoy a delicious ice cream for us!

1. The votes are in! The Huxtables are America’s favorite TV family but how do they compare to the average American household?

2. These posters FTW.

3. Watch how an original Steinway piano is made from start to finish with the original factory tour narration from Steinway himself!

4. Mindy Kaling made a celebrity visit to Google’s “Made with Code” event, which encourages girls to code. Who knew these fab bracelets could be made with programming language!

5. These innovative tents let you sleep in the trees!

6. Watching the World Cup? Apparently we have an Uruguayan biter on our hands!

7. These trippy photographs are made with light inside your camera. Looks like something Wonka himself would enjoy ;D

8. Ooh, a furniture, retrofitted vacuum cleaner! Could this be the home of the future? Are we finally keeping up with the Jetsons?!

9. How to spend the first 10 minutes of your day.

10. Sadly, our SCOTUS has deemed Aereo unconstitutional.

Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

The internet is a vast and wondrous place. While Grace and I live out our ordinary lives we still like to hunt for those happy gems that make us think and go, “neat!” So as always, here are our top ten “curious treats” for your weekend pleasure.

1. FastCo.Create showcased these lovely, paper crafted TV playsets.

2. Batman is getting a prequel in the land of television. Fox’s “Gotham” premiered it’s trailer and it looks kind of awesome!

3. Want a longer, lusher ponytail? Try this little trick without having to shell out the big bucks for extensions or Miracle-Gro.

4. It’s awkward enough when posing for a work photo with people you barely know. See how the presiding G8 council handled the affair! Obama seems to be the life of the party as always.

5. Our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S. went off the air 10 years ago this week! Check out these 27 unforgettable moments compliments of Buzzfeed.

6. 20-year-old photographer Melania Brescia has created these intimate and refreshing self portraits found here.

7. Who ever said flowers can’t grown down? Check out these awe inspiring flower installations!

8. Take a peek inside the fridges of some of the most prolific New York City chefs! You may just be surprised.

9. Ever check out Chronicle’s tumblr? Be warned. It’s quite addicting!

10. We can’t get enough of the Note To Self print shop over at Society6 – tres chic!