Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


taken from summer lovin’ smiles

Friday again! Whoot! I hope everyone is as happy and excited as we are! Summer has arrived in full force so everyone don’t forget sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Here are some of our favorite links to get you through the weekend:

1. We all know IKEA is full of wonderful, affordable products but here are 10 products that work even harder for you in exceptionally small spaces!

2.  When in need of the perfect quote for any given situation look no further that Lifehack Quotes. Plus the website is fun to explore too!

3. Take this quiz and see if you can guess random people’s ages. The best part? It is in the name of science!

4. The much anticipated trailer for This Is Where I Leave You was released this week! Can you name everyone in this star-studded cast?!

5. RIP Maya Angelou and thank you.

6. Graffiti Bees! Charming to us but a huge problem for honey manufactures.

7. Apparently the U.S. Government has a plan for everything, even for zombies.

8. Ah, the chocolate chip cookie…Tessa Arias, blogger and chef, conducted an awesome experiment in how to manipulate your cookie recipe.

9. We discovered Lady Pockets this week! A fashion blog for the strong, independent minded women, which breaks down the fashion of some of the most powerful and influential across industries.

10. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter gets a DRAGON and a few other things too!

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