Emack & Bolio’s: A Boston Born Ben & Jerry’s


Upon entering Emack & Bolio’s I was struck by all the similarities to Ben & Jerry’s. The small store front was eclectic, colorful and fun. They offer more than ice cream and frozen yogurt however, they also have smoothies, juices, ice cream pizza, chocolate, fudge and micro-brewed soda. This Boston born chain store has a very interesting tale of birth. The founder was a music lawyer who started the business as a place where musicians could unwind and soothe their cravings. Their website claims ties with Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, U2, James Brown and Al Green.

We visited the little store in Soho and when we arrived it was packed. This particular location does not have much seating or space in general.


I ordered a smoothie and we all shared the Grasshopper Pie. The smoothie was good but not terribly impressive. The Grasshopper Pie flavor ice cream however was very rich and flavorful. I was very impressed. There were plenty of Oreo chunks in every bite and it was well balanced with the mint flavor. If all their ice cream is that creamy I will be back!




Popbar popped up on my radar via Pinterest. The pistachio bar with pistachio nut coating and half dark chocolate dip was a rich green and brown color and it really drew my eye.


So the next time I went to New York I had to visit the store, this was the closest one I could get to. Other locations are in California, Canada and Indonesia.

I chose the pineapple bar with white chocolate half dip and coconut toppings. It was really flavorful. The fruity bar was very refreshing on that hot day. Honestly, I think it would have been better sans the chocolate. This was a light snack that really hit the spot.