Kilwin’s: A sweet little paradise

Kilwins-Chocolates-Photo-by-KelleyAdam While recently in Michigan I found my way to a Kilwin’s. After dinner I had gone in search of dessert and found my way to paradise. Kilwin’s is chock full of candy, fudge, ice cream, chocolates, brittles, taffys and candied apples. It is the land of all things covered in chocolate. It was hard to decide what sweet to get let alone a flavor. Eventually, I did find my way to the ice cream counter. Kilwins touts all original recipes for their ice creams and have quite a few unique flavors. kilwins-ice-cream-flavors1 The decision was really tough. I was torn between Georgia Peach, Rum Raisin, and Toasted Coconut, but in the end I picked Toasted Coconut. I could not have made a better decision as it was honestly the best thing I have ever tasted. I am still dreaming about that ice cream. In fact, I have already looked for the nearest Kilwin’s to my home and am planning a trip! If you haven’t tried the Kilwin’s near you, my advice is GO! IMG_4310 IMG_4308 IMG_4307 IMG_4306 IMG_4305 IMG_4301 IMG_4300 IMG_4299 IMG_4304 building photo credit. flavor board photo credit.


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