Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

The internet is a vast and wondrous place. While Grace and I live out our ordinary lives we still like to hunt for those happy gems that make us think and go, “neat!” So as always, here are our top ten “curious treats” for your weekend pleasure.

1. FastCo.Create showcased these lovely, paper crafted TV playsets.

2. Batman is getting a prequel in the land of television. Fox’s “Gotham” premiered it’s trailer and it looks kind of awesome!

3. Want a longer, lusher ponytail? Try this little trick without having to shell out the big bucks for extensions or Miracle-Gro.

4. It’s awkward enough when posing for a work photo with people you barely know. See how the presiding G8 council handled the affair! Obama seems to be the life of the party as always.

5. Our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S. went off the air 10 years ago this week! Check out these 27 unforgettable moments compliments of Buzzfeed.

6. 20-year-old photographer Melania Brescia has created these intimate and refreshing self portraits found here.

7. Who ever said flowers can’t grown down? Check out these awe inspiring flower installations!

8. Take a peek inside the fridges of some of the most prolific New York City chefs! You may just be surprised.

9. Ever check out Chronicle’s tumblr? Be warned. It’s quite addicting!

10. We can’t get enough of the Note To Self print shop over at Society6 – tres chic!


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