Let’s go back to Nickel Creek


I already know that one of my Top Ten Moments for 2014 is the reunion of the band Nickel Creek. Granted they may only be back together for this one album but I will take whatever I can get. And god bless them for going on tour once again.

Their newest album after the the 7 year hiatus is A Dotted Line. It is new, different and still purely Nickel Creek as they have always been. Our beloved trio is “grown up”, world weary and wise. They are more fun, see the song “Hayloft”, more funny, see ” 21st of May” and more world weary, see the rest of the album.

They looked older and tired but they still had their camaraderie and humor. The thing I loved about their previous shows was all the anecdotes about the songs and how they came about and that has not changed for Nickel Creek. They are still just as adorable and entertaining as always!

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Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

It’s Friday ya’ll and that means one thing! We’re ready for the weekend!

But to keep your curious minds at ease, Grace and I have pulled together our top 10 finds of the week to satisfy your ever curious appetites!

1. For all you Orphan Black fans, BBC America has finally released a season two trailer worthy of the show it’s promoting. Check it out here.

2. Samuel L. Jackson made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and performed slam poetry in honor of Boy Meets World.

3. Unsatisfied with Gravity? Then have no fear! This Superman/Gravity mash-up explores an alternate ending to the space epic.

4. This hilarious McSweeney describes the epic tale of heroism as one man rises to the challenge to fix his girlfriend’s grandparent’s wifi.

5. Planning on shopping this weekend? Ann Taylor Loft and Kate Spade (Saturday included) are having quite the generous sales!

6. New York City is hosting The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt until April 17th. This is the second time this particular hunt has been put on. There is an app that, egg hunters and spotters are logging their finds. Good luck hunters!

7. New controversy surrounds the New York Mets as second baseman Daniel Murphy takes a leave of absence for wife and newborn. Apparently some baseball fans don’t agree with the leave.

8. A favorite blue grass band is back with a new album after a seven year hiatus, just in time for their 25th Anniversary. Nickel Creek’s A Dotted Line is awesome!

9. Found this article by Rebecca Hains, “What’s the Problem with Pink and Princess?”. So interesting to see the defense against pink.

10. Beautiful photographs of sunsets taken through shattered glass almost look like butterfly wings!

Happy Weekending!