Obvious Child: Q + A


Grace asked Mia:

1. When and how did you first get interested in this movie? Did you know ofthese actors before this movie?

I watched the trailer for it and recognized Jenny Slate as “Mona Lisa” from
Parks and Recreation. Also, it being billed as an “Abortion Comedy” spiked
my attention despite the filmmakers’ aims to disassociate from that

2. How did the movie make you feel? Did it impart any feeling or message
upon you?

I appreciated that there wan an absence of message. The film, in my
opinion, was really about the struggles of a woman in her late twenties and
this “thing” happens to her and we follow this emotionally charged journey on how
she deals with life’s obstacles.

3. Do you feel the movie was trying I send a message?


4. Are you familiar with this screenwriter? What other works of
theirs have you seen?

The filmmakers behind this indie hit are all first time, feature length
writers, directors and producers. Obvious Child was based on a short film
(which most full length films are these days) and collaboration between
these professionals

5. How do you feel about abortion? How do you feel about how NY was
portrayed in the film?

I “feel” that abortion is a choice. New York, or rather, Brooklyn
was fairly represented. I enjoyed the subtle comedy of Brooklyn vs.
Manhattan, rent, independent bookstores, and obscure comedy clubs in

Mia asked Grace:

1. Describe the audience where you saw this film.

I viewed the movie at the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis. We walked in right as it was starting so I don’t remember the other movie goers. I think there were 6-8 other people plus us three. My friend Kelsey remembers two older ladies behind us. I remember seeing a young couple in front of us.

2. Was it difficult to find a theater where this film was showing?

Yes! The AMC in KC said they would have it but kept changing the date. The Tivoli here did have it but only offered 3 showings and only one I could make after I got off work at five in the afternoon. Also the Tivoli in KC is pretty far from my house in suburbia so I have to make a serious effort to get out there.

3. What was your initial reaction to the abortion scene?

There was a palpable tension as we were watching. I kept expecting something, I am not sure, more unpleasant but it was so matter of fact and Donna and Max were so cute that it relaxed the whole situation. The scene where she is sitting with all the other women after the procedure is interesting though. I felt ambiguous about it. I think I was waiting for the characters reactions and she didn’t seem to feel strongly any one way.

4. Did your perspective change at all after seeing this film?

About abortion? Not really? Maybe I feel more comfortable about it if I have to have one? I am not sure I will know how I really feel about abortion until I am in that situation where I have to make a decision.

5. What is your biggest praise and complaint on Obvious Child.

OMG! (yes, I just oh my god-ed) Max and Donna were super cute! I love their quirky relationship. She kept doing strange bizarrely hilarious things and he liked her more for them! My biggest complaint was all the awkward jokes in her comedy routine. I am terrible with awkward humor. It makes my chest hurt with awkwardness.

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2014 Television Upfronts!


One of the events I get really amped up about every year is network television’s Upfront Week. Every year in the spring, the major television broadcast networks present its slate of new shows to potential advertisers and the press. While I go into extreme detail over on my personal blog about what NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS have in store for us this year, I wanted to do a quick brief here and highlight some of the most interesting shows to come to light this week.


When I first heard that NBC had ordered to series a Katherine Heigl led drama, I immediately went, “ew, not interested,” and moved on. However, after watching the trailer, I changed my mind. Not only does it star Alfre Woodard as a black and female POTUS, it appears to have the right mix of drama and political intrigue that isn’t gimicky. Plus, the little twist at the end of the trailer made my jaw drop.


ABC by far delivered the most shows I’m looking forward to this fall. The president of ABC’s Entertainment Group openly stated that he’s aiming to push the envelope on diversity when it comes to the 2014-2015 primetime slate. Because of this, such comedies as “Black-ish” and “Fresh off the Boat” portray an all minority cast that has been missing from our television screens. And from the drama department, “How to Get Away with Murder,” “American Crime,” and “The Whispers,” all have me wanting to watch the premieres. Lastly, and most surprisingly, is the new fantastical, musical comedy “Galavant.” Check out the trailers below!


Fox presented an eclectic mix of shows this week, but out of the mixed bag, “Gotham,” “Gracepoint,” and “Red Band Society,” caught my full attention. Gotham is a prequel to Batman and follows a young Jim Gordon as he tries to clean up the corrupt city while kid Bruce Wayne deals with the death of his parents. Gracepoint is a BBC import of David Tennant’s highly acclaimed Broadchurch and Red Band Society centers around youngsters living in a pediatric ward [no trailer yet].


CBS is quite the predictable network and the only standout show I can’t wait to check out is Spielberg produced “Extant.” Extant is a sci-fi mystery that follows astronaut Molly Watts (Halle Berry) who has just returned home from a 13-month solo mission only to find out that she’s pregnant. Alongside her are her husband John Woods (Goran Visnjic) and the couple “raise” their AI robot child. Also semi interesting on CBS’ docket is “Madam Secretary” from which I’m getting major Hillary 2016 vibes from.

Sound off! What shows are you most interested in this season?