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maze runner

Not long ago I saw a trailer for The Maze Runner the movie which will be starring Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Kaya Scodelario, both of whom I have enjoyed in other guilty pleasures ( Teen Wolf, Love Actually and Skins UK, respectively). Dylan is hilarious! While Kaya is really gorgeous. I am excited to see the two of them in more substantial rolls.

At the time I saw the trailer I know of the book but had not read it. It was no where on my reading list at all but I had heard quite a bit of buzz about it. I am always excited to read a book and then see the movie to look for similarities in my imagination compared to the movie industry, so I picked up the audiobook from my library.

The book was very good and very engrossing. I was surprised by how addicted to the story I was. The book is definitely written for boys which was refreshing. It was more spartan in its story but the story had focus and just enough detail, nothing superfluous. Thomas’s hot tempered nature was new compared to some of the idyllic heroes in books written by women. The story slowly eases you into the conspiracy behind the Maze, giving you little tidbits and making you hungry for more.

At the time I listen to the book I did not know it was a series and was actually a little shocked when I found out. I am starting the Scorch Trials soon though! I am a sucker for a good conspiracy and dystopian fluff.

The movie will be out September 19th of this year. Can’t wait!

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Marie Lu: My Asian Author


I am Asian. I try not to make a big deal out of it. Generally, I live my life in peace, hardly ever thinking about “the color of my skin. “ By that standard, I don’t usually decide to read books by the race or cultural background of the author either. Last year, I was looking on Goodreads at the books they suggested for me and saw Legend. Legend was the first book after I read Hunger Games that not only had a great concept but a flow and story that held my attention. Only later did I discover the author was Asian.

My thoughts about the Legend Trilogy:

All the books in the Legend series were phenomenal. The plot was well thought out and the world was detailed. The characters were love-able, hate-able and human. It never left me wanting. I was never disappointed. Marie Lu had not taken any shortcuts in creating the Legend experience. Most importantly the ending felt right. She did the tough real life thing with her characters and it fit the story.

Recently, I had the opportunity to pre-read her newest novel, The Young Elites. I have to say it lacks some of the maturity I found in Legend but it was equally as addicting, unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable. I am excited to see this story progress. Marie Lu is definitely on my list of authors to watch. I hope to see her books gain even more popularity. The Legend series should have surpassed many books that have gained national notoriety, though I may be a little biased because it is nice to see someone with my similar background succeed.

Diversity for all and all for diversity.


Marissa Meyer: The Future of Fairytales


Fairy tales were my bread and butter as a child and as I grew up I still find myself drawn to all the reincarnations of the old standards. The latest iteration I have fallen in love with is an amalgamation of many fairy tales: The Lunar Chronicles By Marissa Meyer

Book 1 Cinder (Cinderella)

Book 2 Scarlet ( Little Red Riding Hood)

Book 3 Cress ( Rapunzel )

Book 4 Winter (Snow White)

In each book you meet a new character. The story continues through all four books and while Cinder’s story ignites the turn of events all the new characters and old are well featured.

While the fairy tale stories have been cut into pieces and reformed, you can easily see the nuances of the old tales showing through but in a new and modern light. The series is set in the future and really speaks to the side of me that loves science fiction. There are cyborgs, androids, hover cars and space ships. There is a race of people on the moon called Lunars who have evolved into having telepathic abilities. The countries of today have reformed and reinvented but retaining their distinctly recognizable details. All the featured characters are diverse, rich, unique and utterly charming.

If any of this intrigues you definitely give this series a shot!


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