Obvious Child: Q + A


Grace asked Mia:

1. When and how did you first get interested in this movie? Did you know ofthese actors before this movie?

I watched the trailer for it and recognized Jenny Slate as “Mona Lisa” from
Parks and Recreation. Also, it being billed as an “Abortion Comedy” spiked
my attention despite the filmmakers’ aims to disassociate from that

2. How did the movie make you feel? Did it impart any feeling or message
upon you?

I appreciated that there wan an absence of message. The film, in my
opinion, was really about the struggles of a woman in her late twenties and
this “thing” happens to her and we follow this emotionally charged journey on how
she deals with life’s obstacles.

3. Do you feel the movie was trying I send a message?


4. Are you familiar with this screenwriter? What other works of
theirs have you seen?

The filmmakers behind this indie hit are all first time, feature length
writers, directors and producers. Obvious Child was based on a short film
(which most full length films are these days) and collaboration between
these professionals

5. How do you feel about abortion? How do you feel about how NY was
portrayed in the film?

I “feel” that abortion is a choice. New York, or rather, Brooklyn
was fairly represented. I enjoyed the subtle comedy of Brooklyn vs.
Manhattan, rent, independent bookstores, and obscure comedy clubs in

Mia asked Grace:

1. Describe the audience where you saw this film.

I viewed the movie at the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis. We walked in right as it was starting so I don’t remember the other movie goers. I think there were 6-8 other people plus us three. My friend Kelsey remembers two older ladies behind us. I remember seeing a young couple in front of us.

2. Was it difficult to find a theater where this film was showing?

Yes! The AMC in KC said they would have it but kept changing the date. The Tivoli here did have it but only offered 3 showings and only one I could make after I got off work at five in the afternoon. Also the Tivoli in KC is pretty far from my house in suburbia so I have to make a serious effort to get out there.

3. What was your initial reaction to the abortion scene?

There was a palpable tension as we were watching. I kept expecting something, I am not sure, more unpleasant but it was so matter of fact and Donna and Max were so cute that it relaxed the whole situation. The scene where she is sitting with all the other women after the procedure is interesting though. I felt ambiguous about it. I think I was waiting for the characters reactions and she didn’t seem to feel strongly any one way.

4. Did your perspective change at all after seeing this film?

About abortion? Not really? Maybe I feel more comfortable about it if I have to have one? I am not sure I will know how I really feel about abortion until I am in that situation where I have to make a decision.

5. What is your biggest praise and complaint on Obvious Child.

OMG! (yes, I just oh my god-ed) Max and Donna were super cute! I love their quirky relationship. She kept doing strange bizarrely hilarious things and he liked her more for them! My biggest complaint was all the awkward jokes in her comedy routine. I am terrible with awkward humor. It makes my chest hurt with awkwardness.

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Alamo Drafthouse: The most wonderful place on earth

Quite some time ago, a friend of mine in Austin told me that we (Kansas City) were getting our own Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and that when it opened I should go right away. I am a devote AMC girl (I get bunches of AMC Coupons from work and I adore their recliner style seats) so I did not go right away. I did however peruse its website and I was very interested. I signed up for their weekly updates too. Not only does the ADC show new releases it also shows old classics, cult classics and beloved classics. And even more, they do it with flair!

In a recent email from ADC I saw they were doing a special Moulin Rouge showing. I love that movie so I sent out the email to my book club to see if anyone else wanted to go. In the end my friend Kels and I got tickets to its Moulin Rouge Sing-A-Long. Moulin Rouge is one of those beautiful fun movies that I can watch over and over and that I get the hankering to watch when I haven’t seen it in a while. It is sad and poetic, yes, but it is still fun to watch and even more fun to sing along with. Alamo apparently has this Moulin Rouge Sing-A-Long every year in celebration of Valentine’s Day (great idea). The people who go are of a class. We picked up our tickets at the box office  and as we walked toward the theater you could just tell we were among our own kind.


There were goodies waiting for us at our designated seats. Here is what we got and what scene they correspond with.

  1. Green Glowstick – Green Absinthe Fairy Scene
  2. Fashing Diamond Ring – Diamonds are a girls best friend
  3. Maraca – Roxanne
  4. Frog – “Look darling! There’s a little frog” line during Come What May.

We got situated in our seats (they need purse hooks) and purused the menu. Fried pickles jumped out at Kels and I was dying for some hummus. This was followed by a pitcher of sangria, sodas for each of us, a mushroom and white cheddar veggie burger for Kels and an avocado pesto beef burger for me. To say the least, we feasted. While we were drooling over the the menu we also happened to notice that they offered a gluten free crust option for the pizza, tofu for the intriguing array of salads, some very enticing specials and offered a large selection of milkshakes, which all come in an adult version. It was not your usual fare. We were definitely impressed. Kels is a vegetarian and had to eat gluten free so all this really excited her. A lot of times there are not really delicious sounding options for those with dietary restrictions. Based on the menu alone, we both knew we would be back.

They have a strict no phone policy at the theater, which I actually prefer. I hate it when people have the gall to openly answer their phone during a movie. I had that actually happen and I am definitely that girl who walks up to the person and kindly asks them to leave. I won’t even hide behind an usher, I will just do it because it drives me that batty. Texting I mind less but I can see how it is distracting in smaller theaters, so they say no to that as well. Yay Alamo policy!

The movie was wonderful, everyone was in such a grand mood. The atmosphere was a bit like being at a movie premiere that everyone has been heavily anticipating. We all yelled lines and sang loud and proud. We all fell in and out of love with the characters of the movie. We were rowdy and boisterous and it was most appropriate. Moulin Rouge was a glorious movie for this type of experience. I would definitely go again.

“My gift is my song! And this ones for you”

Quick rundown. Each Alamo does a range of special event showings. Such as:

  •  Girlie Night: Slumber party favorites back on the big screen
  • Action Pack: Interactive screenings and cinematic events (lots of quote-a-longs)
  • Movie Interrruptions: A live comedy show featuring local and traveling comedians riffing on movies.
  • Cinema Cocktails: Movies which are alcohol-centric and where a mixologist will dazzel you with theamed drinks
  • Tough Guy Cinema: Movies for the toughest of the tough
  • Food +Film: Gourmet Grub expertly paired with Fantastic Features
  • Afternoon Tea: Period Films served with Tea and Treats
  • Broadway Brunch: Start your day on the right note with musicals and mimosas

Tell me this doesn’t sound awesome! I love movies and this just makes it all better. I’m excited to go back.

Alamo Logo from kctv5.com and the facade photo from thehypeweekly.com.

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