I am not a gamer but I have found myself crazy addicted to many a game via my phone or iPad. Words with Friends, Plants vs. Zombies, Dice with Friends,  Jelly Splash, Dots to just name a few. My latest obsession is Godus. I find most my games off top ten lists in the Apple App store. Godus’s icon is sleek and artsy looking and when I looked at the screenshots it was really gorgeous. And the premise, getting to play god, who can resist that?


When I first started it seemed alright. The instructions are sparse and you really need to mess around to get a feel for it. It also seemed like a lot of responsibility all of a sudden trying to get my “followers” to the right place. The followers have some free will like the will to get lost or walk in the wrong direction so as god I had to keep them on the right path. I didn’t realized a lot of things. It took me a few days to figure out the how the cards and stickers worked and how to redeem them. I felt like an old lady when I finally did figure it out.

The goals for the game are to retain your followers and grow your civilization. They will evolve through the various ages and learn so your settlements can grow in complexity. Right now I am trying to add more and more farmers. The opposition is another settlement with a separate philosophy. At times you can find yourself losing followers to the other group. Fickle acolytes all of them. It is interesting trying to find the various challenges and it has a SIMS aspect as you shape the world “in your image”. There are side adventures called voyages. Theses are like little island puzzles. While I have figured out how to play I have to say I think I am getting worse at these voyage puzzles. I find myself losing followers on every trip.

If you are looking for something to really take up your time this should be a consideration.

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