An Ode to Libraries

One of the aspects that I love and hate about living in New York is the constant challenge of space. Whereas when living in the midwest, I could buy books on a whim and add to my growing collection, here, in the city, I have to be super-selective when it comes to what tomes of literature may occupy my room. That’s where the library comes in.

I love the library.

After reading a review of a new book or snapping photos of book covers as I roam the aisles of independent bookstores, I can log online and put “holds” on all the books I wish to read. As my younger cousin once said, “It’s like Netflix for books.” He doesn’t get to the library very often ;D

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

That being said, I just picked up four new adventures. One is for a book club (Quesadillas), the other my roommate recommended (Beautiful Ruins), the third is the last novel I need to read by Oyeyemi (Mr. Fox), and the fourth is on my summer reading list (Everything I Never Told You).

Here’s to the library!


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