I Hate Running (But Do It Anyways)

Mia and her neon kicks

Mia and her neon kicks

I hate running. It’s a known fact. But after I did away with my Ron Sawnson style breakfasts (Oh bacon where art thou?!), I decided the next logical step to a healthier lifestyle would be to add in some physical exercise.

Fun fact: I can’t afford the gym.

Because I’m a cheap-o, I laced up my bright neon Nike’s from my Quidditch days, corralled a neighborhood friend to join me on this running adventure, and set out to take on the pavement of Brooklyn. Every morning, at precisely 630 AM I go on a 2.5 mile run / power walk. Do I enjoy it? No. Is it good for me? Yes.

Running is just as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. I never understood how people can just go and run. I mean, are they being chased by the Texas Chainsaw guy? Is Katniss Everdeen about to take them out in The Hunger Games? The only way I get up every morning is because I don’t want to be “that person” who doesn’t show up for the run. The buddy system works. Find a running buddy.

Refinery29 reported, “…that of the 933 novice runners, 254 were injured their first year…The researchers found that 25% of the injuries happened within the first 23 miles, and among the sidelined runners, shin splints were the most reported complaint. Patellofemoral pain (runner’s knee) and meniscus injury were the next most common issues.” You can read the article here and it provides tips to avoid for novice runners.

Despite my hate for the sport, running is good for you. It decreases the risks of heart disease, stress and osteoporosis. Running keeps your heart happy and I have noticed a “clearer” sense of being throughout my day. I’m less likely to go for that unattended chocolate cake in the office kitchen or second glass of wine at the end of the night. Plus, you might meet a handsome stranger as you cool down on the last block and you know, you could go on a post-run smoothie date or something.

One more thing: Road Runner Sports provides an excellent comprehensive guide on finding the right running shoes and this sports bra has been a lifesaver for my “girls.”


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