Wedding Etiquette Rant




While I am not an expert, having only been to six weddings as an adult, I have seen some things that really bug me.

1. DO NOT wear jeans to a wedding. It’s disrespectful to the occasion and you will stick out. NO exceptions.

2. People need direction, mostly, when and where to get food. Also note that men will want seconds. Drinks should be easily accessible and table snacks are super helpful.

3. Open bar = more fun.

4. The girls who scramble and fight for the bouquets have momentarily lost their minds and will cut you if you get in their way. The movie cliches are real, steer clear.

5. It sucks being a date and not knowing people at a wedding. Do not leave your date alone. If you see someone unfamiliar who is alone, please say hello and strike up a conversation. This individual will be eternally grateful.

Best Wishes,

An amateur wedding goer who is concerned and opinionated.

photo credit.


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