Marissa Meyer: The Future of Fairytales


Fairy tales were my bread and butter as a child and as I grew up I still find myself drawn to all the reincarnations of the old standards. The latest iteration I have fallen in love with is an amalgamation of many fairy tales: The Lunar Chronicles By Marissa Meyer

Book 1 Cinder (Cinderella)

Book 2 Scarlet ( Little Red Riding Hood)

Book 3 Cress ( Rapunzel )

Book 4 Winter (Snow White)

In each book you meet a new character. The story continues through all four books and while Cinder’s story ignites the turn of events all the new characters and old are well featured.

While the fairy tale stories have been cut into pieces and reformed, you can easily see the nuances of the old tales showing through but in a new and modern light. The series is set in the future and really speaks to the side of me that loves science fiction. There are cyborgs, androids, hover cars and space ships. There is a race of people on the moon called Lunars who have evolved into having telepathic abilities. The countries of today have reformed and reinvented but retaining their distinctly recognizable details. All the featured characters are diverse, rich, unique and utterly charming.

If any of this intrigues you definitely give this series a shot!


Google brought me this image from here.


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