To Be…

Photograph by Florian Beaudenon

Photograph by Florian Beaudenon

A few weeks ago I discovered Sydney Campos’ blog (she’s also my roommate!) and her post, “You Do You, I”ll Be Me.” The title intrigued me and as I read on, Campos opened me up to an idea entirely new in the “To Be” list.

Who do I want to be? What a question! Not what, but who…

It’s not the easiest of tasks and after multiple recycled, crumpled bits of paper, during a moment of distress, I jotted a few ideas down:

– Respected
– A mentor
– Creative
– Stress free (but can we really be?)
– A storyteller (I’m open to any medium, whether it be through photography, screenwriting, or producing a novel!)
– A mom (eek! I’m getting old)
– An expert / source
– Someone who changes others’ lives for the better

I’m an extrovert and feed on others’ energies and so that quality, unsurprisingly, found its way onto my “to be” list. It’s awfully revealing sometimes, putting it all down in black and white what you want to be…

I challenge you too to sit down and think on who you want to be…what you write down might surprise you.

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