Cinetopia: An Experience

Cinetopia offers a movie going experience unlike anything you have experienced before. They are an institution unique to Portland, OR, however, there newest location just opened in Overland Park, KS. I had the pleasure of spending a day there experiencing the various theater styles, superior cuisine and delightfully modern space.

The most unique offering provided by Cinetopia is the variety of theater types they offer.

cinertopia 1

The Movie Parlour theater offers seating designed for couples. The theaters are smaller and offer cosier viewing. The decor screams of a library or den in a mansion not a movie theater. There are “window” which are really tvs that can also boast advertising. There are book shelves with real books on them, but we’ll see how long the real books last. And there is a fireplace, not a real wood burning one, but still, how cool!  I can speak from experience about the round couch coves in the front row. When I say, you can really get comfortable I mean REALLY comfortable.

Cinetopia 3

The Living Room style theaters still offer chairs that recline but in various groupings and without the homey decor. These are very similar to the new seats found in AMC cinema suites style theaters. I find the side trays a much better table solution for meals and snacks. I myself favor the trays more than the tables found in AMC’s Fork and Screen.


The GXL theaters are just massive. They offer 300-500 seats per theater and a screen that ranges from 60-80 feet tall. They also boast a superior sound system to match the mammoth screens. They would been great for any epic action or special effect heavy films.

The concessions stands offer the normal movie fair but they also have an onsite restaurant, Vinotopia,  on the second floor that provides more gourmet cuisine that can be taken in to any theater. I haven’t sampled the full menu yet but boy does it look tasty!

cinetopia movie tunnel

Over all the building looks awesome, super modern and sleek. The restaurant looks great and has a great view from the second floor of the theater. The theaters are super comfortable and spacious with great picture and sound quality. I am excited to take my boyfriend to a movie in the parlour theater! New theaters are always awesome purely because they have not been contaminated and there is none of the old grime that lingers in older theaters. Last but not least, I have heard a rumor that they will have 21+ either by theater or base on time. I hope that is true because nothing ruins a movie faster than kids being disruptive, but that is a whole other rant.


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