Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Taken from Pieces of Me

Taken from Pieces of Me

Happy Friday everyone! It seems that May is in full swing and despite our allergies flaring up every now and then let’s remember to take a moment to relish in the blooming flora and pale blue skies this weekend! As always, here are our curious finds around the interwebs that we wanted to share with you all:

1. If you’re in the market for new flatware, these hilariously witty and blunt designs make for fun additions to the home.

2. Brazilian animators Disney-fy our favorite Game of Thrones characters. What more could you want in a three minute procrastination rabbit hole?

3. Skip to the 1:10 mark of this high school’s talent show recap to watch a kid totally kill it with his Michael Jackson dance moves!

4. Speaking of the King of Pop, have you watched the new music video for “Love Never Felt So Good?” featuring Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake? You won’t regret it.

5. As the post’s title suggests, “This is a GIF of a Vine of a video of a flipbook of a GIF of a video of a roller coaster.” Whew!

6. Photographer Winnie Au of Refinery 29 snapped 21 wedding couples saying I do! on the steps of New York’s famous city hall. Too cute!

7. DC Comics via Warner Bros. seems to have pitted two of their most popular heroes against each other. “Batman vs. Superman” will be released in May 2015.

8. Ever wonder what Lorde eats on a daily basis? Thrillist put together the top eight need-to-know dishes of New Zealand.

9. Victoria Smith of SFGirlByBay has set up shop over on Great.ly! Now how shall we protect our pocketbooks from such awesomeness?!

10. “How to pack like Nelly Bly” –  a Victorian era journalist who raced around the world in 80 days!



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