The Moment


The Beginning

My first concert was chosen for me. My brother and his best friend Will wanted to to see SR-71 and Lifehouse who were playing in a Six Flags in Texas. My parents were going to drive them thus I had to come along. My parents dropped us off and went to a Chinese grocery store. My brotherly dutifully got me in the door to the park and made sure I followed them all the way to the amphitheater, but the minute we stepped inside, I was on my own. I don’t remember much, but I remember sitting down right away and being right in front of some enormous speakers in the front row. Then my life changed.

I was in the front row staring down two stories of speakers. It was so loud the speakers were creating a breeze. I was so happy I didn’t even think of moving. At the end of the night my ears were ringing, a souvenir to remind me of the concert for days  to come.

From that first concert to present experiences I have been addicted to live music, especially loud rock music. There is magic in seeing singers and musicians whose lyrics speak to your soul in person but more than that there is a special feeling, the moment, that can only be found at a concert.

That Moment

After rushing to get as close to the stage as possible, after shifting to try and find a view between tall people, after waiting through sound check, the opening and then sound check again, you finally hear the voice you have been waiting for. The awesome song you have connected with which speaks to you starts and you recognize it immediately. The energy of the crowd around you is infectious. There are people everywhere cheering, screaming, whistling and hooting. You find yourself bouncing on your tip toes and joining in, cheering. The music is all around you. It is clear as day even with the raucous crowd. The beat grabs you and you are dancing and singing along, not that anyone can hear you over the band. Then you close your eyes and you can feel the music, you are in the music and you can feel the energy of everyone around you. It feels wonderful to you, you are elated and surrounded. You feel like you are being hugged by sound. You feel like you have left your body and are floating in the a sea of sound. And it is beautiful.


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