Choga: Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is not what you would think. It has gotten progressively more popular these days. You may have seen popular Korean dishes such as Bulgolgi or Kalbi but not have had the traditional experience. The experience is a bit more like hibachi than American BBQ, so the term BBQ is misleading.

The meal is simple. First, you pick your meats. The meal comes with an array of side dishes called Banchan, rice and a plate of lettuce leaves. The meat is cooked on the table in front of you. When its time to eat its just like lettuce wraps. Only they are more delicious than any lettuce wraps you have ever had. You can add whatever you want to your lettuce wrap from all the side dishes to change up the flavor.

Keep in mind, Korean cuisine has tons of other amazing dishes to choose from as well. They make incredible soups and if you like spicy foods then Korean foods will be right up your alley!

IMG_3328 IMG_3349IMG_3350 IMG_3309


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