Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! As the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey once said, “What is a ‘weekend?'” let Grace and I push you into your work-free festivities with our top ten “cures for curiosity” to round out your Friday.

1. Anonymous design students by day and chalk artists by night take over a college chalkboard with the most dazzling pieces of work.

2. A growing number of college students fail to graduate within 4-years. This New York Times articles takes an in depth look into this troubling trend.

3. Meet these daredevil Russian youngsters who risk their lives to take the most dangerous photos!

4. Try to get your read on this summer before these book-based films reach your local movie theater.

5. Some major retrospectives are happening in the world of television. An uncensored look back on the West Wing years by its creators and actors and Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy sounds off on her 10 year run as Cristina Yang.

6. Blogger Isa Simenga offers up some truthful advice to get you going on the road toward a better and more effective you!

7. Look at these typographically cute love letters to libraries from great authors of the past.

8. Marsha Mehran, Iranian Irish author, dies at 36.

9. “Girls Like Us” is a mini documentary on 15 year old boxing champ Molly Perkins.

10. Disney seems to be recycling material these days. A live action Cinderella is due to hit theaters in 2015. Check out the teaser here but by far the Whitney Houston and Drew Barrymore versions will always be our fave!


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