Traveling Shoes

A year ago I accepted a new position at work. With the position came a lot of traveling. Surprisingly, it took some time for me to develop  a traveling wardrobe. Many of my “work clothes” did not travel well, either in the suitcase or on my person. Also, since many mornings and late nights are spent in the airport or on a plane, being comfortable is key.


I am not one of those ladies who looks like she walked out of a catalog. My clothing is not aware what season they were born in or that they should only last so long. The biggest issue, however, was finding shoes that were some what stylish and fit my young age while also being comfortable. Comfortable, stylish and business appropriate seems to be a very limited category.


The following shoes are more comfortable but can still be stylish and business appropriate with the right clothing.


Sperry’s are super comfortable and they do great when you need to run through an airport to catch a plane. I usually wear these at less formal events with khaki slacks and company polos. I have also worn these to customer’s facilities where I know jeans are there usual dress code.



Toms’ line of ballet flats are another great shoe that is super comfortable and can be worn both casually or formally. I have this red pair and I have worn them like I would any other flats. Slip on shoes are always super helpful getting through airport security and if I want to dress down after a work day these are still applicable.


I know Toms are associated with the casual college look. They are a brand of shoe that I have carried with me from college but they have done a great job of creating new designs that are also great for a classy more stylish consumer. Women like choices and they have provided a great comfortable range. With every style you get the simplicity, ease and comfort associated with their brand. The wedge above is a style I have seen worn at some conferences I have been to. It goes great with a shirt dress or wrap dress.


The velvet smoking flat is another recent style that has been popular with women. Currently, there is this “boyfriend” movement in clothing, which this shoe is popular for. I was very unsure about this shoe but I found a cheaper brand version of this style shoe at Nordstrom Rack and tried them on a whim. They fit great and looked awesome. These are great for work. They have that business look about them already. They are flat and slip on, so great for airports and they have a little bit of a heel, which for a flat really helps support your foot if you are going to be wearing them for a long period of time. Also, I have longer toes for having a smaller foot so I have issues with toe cleavage with some flats and the design of this shoe makes sure there is no issue.
1381swT4ieQcL._UL1500_These are the Tahari Veronica flat which I loved. They were a bit pricey for me at $70 but I had high hopes that they would last longer since they were a good brand. I have to say I was a little disappointed they lasted just as long as any other flat I have owned, which is not long at all, and were only slightly more comfortable. I did wear these shoes into the ground. They look great with any slacks or a skirt. However a year later I saw these:


This is a flat made by Payless. It is the Claire Flat. They are not too expensive, $20-$25 depending on color. I have these in a navy stripe but I definitely want more. They are cheap, more comfortable than the Tahari’s and fulfill many of the previously mentioned requirements: slip on, dressy, no toe cleavage, etc. This is a great deal!

13 jessica-simpson-sampson-leather-wedge-pump-d-20130626160904927~265528

These Jessica Simpson Wedge Pumps are my very favorite though. I purchased them originally from TJ Maxx for $39.99. I got this tan pair and a cream suede pair, both have been extremely serviceable and versatile. They are classy, make my legs look good and I don’t trip in these as much as I do in normal pumps. Since my purchase, I have replaced the tan pair once and added a pair of red suede and a pair of black snake skin shoes to my collection. I wear the black and the tan most. They do well in the airport. The wedge provides much more support than a normal pump. They look great with all my business outfits and I can run in them fairly well. Yes, I had to put them to the test this past winter in MSP (Minneapolis International Airport).

Grace’s Travel Shoe Rules:

1. Slip on, no need for added stress at security, traveling is stressful enough as it is.

2. Comfort and fit, some airports require large amounts of walking when changing planes, if you’re unlucky you might have to run the distance and if you miss your connection you may be in those shoes for quite some time before the next flight.

3. I am a 26 year-old business women. I would like my shoes to reflect my professionalism and style without doing permanent damage to my feel or causing me to resort to walking barefoot through an airport. A balance between Rule two, comfort, and style must be achieved.

4. Do not pay too much for flats. They do not last long.

5. Versatility, shoes you can dress up and dress down will suite your wardrobe better, especially if you need to live out of a suitcase.

Some other shoes I have been interested in testing:



They are a bit pricey and I have heard mixed reviews, but I am still enamored by the turquoise bottoms however.



I have heard awesome things about this brand though admittedly all the people I know who suggested it prefaced that some of their styles suit an older generation. If I ever found a style I liked I would definitely give it a shot.



If you own shoes that are not entirely comfortable for long periods of time, Dr Scholl’s Massaging Inserts and Arch Support is a dream come true!



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