Fighting My Inner Ron Swanson

Last week I experimented with healthy breakfast recipes. While I’m usually a Ron Swanson type when it comes to breakfast (bacon! eggs! orange juice!) I decided to see if I could be happy with what probably is the amount of calories I ought to be eating every morning.


The three recipes ::

– slice of whole wheat bread + natural peanut butter + sliced banana + sliced apple
– slice of whole wheat bread + spinach + one scrambled egg + sliced apple
– slice of whole wheat bread + natural peanut butter + raspberries + sliced banana

On the first day, I was quite the cranky Susan. I was already hungry by the time I left for work, and my usual mid morning snack of carrots and coffee did nothing to appease my growling stomach. Plus, all the oil in the natural peanut butter was freaking me out (why the separation?!) but I was surprised at how much I liked it. Did I mention I’m a picky eater?

On the second day, I was much happier given that my familiar scrambled egg (I usually have three!) was in tow. I wasn’t quite full as I normally am, but the combo of egg and toast and spinach with my juicy apple really hit the spot.

On the third day, I really wanted strawberries instead of raspberries but the selection at my neighborhood market was dismal. The raspberries were very tart and sweet causing me to eat my small breakfast more slowly than I really had time time for.

In conclusion, while the process is a slow and arduous one, I’m going to keep giving these healthy breakfast alternatives a go. For years I knew my two pieces of cinnamon bread + two to three scrambled eggs + tall glass of OJ wasn’t doing anything for me or my metabolism. Hopefully, over the long run, I’ll see some positive results from this diet change. But until then, I’ll muster through my mornings and know that I’m taking the first steps to leading a healthier life!

Meanwhile, subconsciously…



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