Weekend Cures for Curiosity!


TGIF! Hope Friday is going easy for everyone! Here are some links that were interesting this week!

Golden Goose Scrambled Eggs: Scrambling the egg in the shell. Anyone tried this before?

Recently Mia and I reviewed The Lunchbox. Check out this great video about the Dabbawalas attempt to help starving children in their own backyard.

The Hitachi Seaside Park might be the most picturesque park ever created! Photography made easy for every season!

Jimmy Fallon vs. Emma Stone lip-sink battle. These are always epic. I am super impressed with Emma Stone’s rapping skills.

An Indonesian Volcano has produced a unique liquid blue flame! The photos are great but the video is really cool, (Min 1:06)

Kate Spade Saturday has come out with some unique bathing suits! I think I like it!


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