Weekend Cures for Curiosity!

Can it be Friday already? The promise of spring in the air! A potential picnic in the park! Oh the possibilities!

Grace and I rounded up our favorite finds from the week and we hope they satisfy your curious minds ::

1. Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Jobs, among other influentials contributed to a Pro-Clinton Super Pac for if and when Hilary is ready to run.

2. What a lovely food blog find in Lush Loves! The photography is delightfully minimalist and colorful.

3. Plus size model Candice Huffine is the first ever “plus” to both appear and contribute in Vogue.

4. Two independent films, one starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the other Jesse Eisenberg, attempt to tackle Dostoyevsky’s novella “The Double.” Click through to watch trailers for The Double and The Enemy.

5. As B’s question goes, “Who run the world?” According to blogger Ari Laurel, the answer is white, brunette, dystopian girls do. Interesting read in her analysis on the lack of diversity in YA novels.

6. For you crafty go getters out there, here are some neat and clever ways to adorn the Easter Bunny’s eggs this year!

7. David Olenick designed a line of Ts that offer sarcastic truths paired with whimsically fun characters!

8. New blog find Bourbon and Boots curates the, “the most interesting in Southern and American finds…” These “Rice Whiskey Treats,” seem like an interesting try.

9. Read Bleacher Report writer C.J. Moore’s moving article, “Hungry Huskies Write Storybook Ending to Redemption Tale with 2014 NCAA Title” on how the Final Four came to an end on Monday in North Texas.

10. If you plan to swing by the library this weekend, check out breakout author Helen Oyeyemi’s new book Boy, Snow, Bird. The critics are raving about it!


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