NBC’s Crisis


Crisis, if I can put it simply, is about an over eager and idealistic rookie secret service agent (Lance Gross) who finds himself in the middle of hostage situation involving the children of the DC elite including the President’s son. The plot also centers around an unlikely inside made played by Dylan McDermott, a distraught mother whose daughter has been kidnapped (the X-Files’ Gillian Anderson) and the FBI agent assigned to the case (Rachael Taylor) who just happens to be the lead, distraught mom’s sister.

A lot is thrown at you during the pilot episode and I could have done without so many plot related twists and turns. However, the action sequences have proved impressive and while the strained dialogue would benefit from more robust television writing (ex: Robert and Michelle King of The Good Wife), Crisis does position itself more as a plot driven show than character driven.

Likewise, as the pilot came to an end and nothing came to any sort of conclusion, I can’t help but think that Crisis is NBC’s mini-series event answer to CBS’ Hostages. And while I never watched Hostages, it was generally well received.

If you prefer plot over character, than this show might be for you. As for me, if the dialogue and inter-character drama doesn’t stabilize, I might have to pull the plug on this one.

Crisis airs on NBC at 10/9c. You can catch up on Hulu or NBC.com.


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