Simple Spring Style

A few years a go, a New Year’s Resolution of mine was to be “more fashionable.” While the idea is vague and rather subjective, I still felt I needed to step up my fashion game and still do. After all, nine years of wearing uniforms to school plus the four years of the jeans and t-shirt game in college did not prepare me to dress my best in the real world.

This spring, I plan to capitalize on a few of the fashion trends I’ve seen around the city and on the various fashion sites and blogs I enjoy perusing.

First: The Denim Shirt


While this fashion trend is in by no way “new,” it is in fact versatile. Pair it with some black pants and flats, or dress it up with a blazer in heels. The sky’s the limit!

The one’s at Uniqlo are a steal and Gap and Madewell play a serious chambray game.

Second: White Sneakers


I’ve been seeing the white sneaker look bounce back into play and what I’ve seen is pretty awesome. While I like how some are sporting their white Keds and Vans, the perfect look between feminine chic and hard core urban explorer would be the all American Converse. Plus, they’re cute with a dress or pants any day!

Third: Watermelon Lipstick


Some might argue the lipstick makes the woman. Last summer, I donned my friend B’s Clinique Pink Goddess look but this year I’m going to go with a pop of watermelon! But if you’re more into the red, I hear NARS is pretty awesome.

Four: Oversized Army Jacket


Trenches are nice and conservative, but I’m trying to step out of my fashion shell a bit here and I think I’ll invest in a good, spring army jacket. I spied a wonderful one at Uniqlo the other day for under $70!

Five: The black pant


Looking around the office (I work in SoHo of all places!) I notice the lack of “blue” jeans adorning the producer and clients alike. I’m not sure if it’s lack of confidence or self doubt, but I’m starting to feel a bit “midwest” in my Gap Always Skinny blue jeans.

On that note, after investing in a pair of Madewell’s black denim Skinny High Risers – in love! – I also went out and snagged to pair of Gap’s Ultra Skinny pant to step up the game a bit. Plus, I can easily pair them with some white Converse, a denim top, and bright watermelon lipstick!


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