Café Bombón


After discovering Marta Greber’s mouth watering blog “What Should I Make for Breakfast Today” and stumbling on her Café Bombón post, I knew I had to try this delicious looking Spanish espresso drink as soon as possible!

Thankfully, my trusted friend and roomie Amanda has an espresso machine in her possession.

Ingredients: condensed sweetened milk + your favorite finely ground coffee.


Believe it or not, I’ve never had to buy nor have I ever consumed (at least to my knowledge) condensed milk and as a result I was quite the “newb” at the grocery store.

Instructions: mix espresso + condensed sweetened milk in equal parts and serve.


Amanda and I messed around with the espresso : milk ratio a bit and found that we enjoyed this addictive Spanish concoction with about a dollop of the thick and creamy milk added first while pouring over the espresso to about the rim of our cups.

cb6 cb5 cb4 cb7

Warning: highly addictive


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