Holland, MI

Little Holland, as it is sometimes called, is a little hamlet in western Michigan that just charms your socks off!

There’s a little strip in Holland on 8th street. The sidewalks are heated and thus it makes the space usable year round even during the harsh, Michigan winters. I don’t know much about them but it seems like a good way to “let off steam” – the steam from the nearby power plants is what heats these sidewalks.

I have personally tried two restaurants on this strip, Butch’s Dry Dock and New Holland Brewing Company. Both restaurants were wonderfully enjoyable. Butch’s was upscale and provided an extensive wine list while New Holland Brewing Co. was more casual but menu was interesting and offered comfort in the normal. New Holland also had live music! And because New Holland is a true brewing company, they have a wonderful selection that will please many beer fanatics. I am partial to cider, which New Holland made with real Michigan apples!

8th Street also offered lots of little shops and boutiques and I can imagine this would be a good place to find unique gifts for Christmas.

Just beside downtown Holland is Hope College. The college probably supports much of the city during the school season. This also may be why there are so many cute cafes and shops. From what I could see of the campus the college is doing well. There are many new buildings and construction for even more. It is very happily situated.

Holland is really famous for their windmill and tulip festival though I have never attended. I did attempt to travel to the area last year and every hotel in the area gets booked up. I am definitely going to try and see it this year!

I met some people who live in the area and they say that the area is a summer playground for many people in the Chicago area. I can definitely agree that it would be fun to come spend a lazy romantic weekend.

IMG_1015 IMG_0996 IMG_0995 IMG_0991 IMG_0989 IMG_0986 IMG_0984


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