Girl Time: Cork Crafts

Recently a group of my girlfriends got together to craft. Really its so we have a reason to have some wine and vent but the crafting makes the whole thing seem more productive to the boyfriends and husbands. The girls I joined have been having this get together regularly and thus we had plenty of corks to work with. They may need to have this cork craft night on a yearly basis to find a home for the prolific dears.

Most of us did letter corks though one girl did a lovely cork tray and another a wreath. We used Goop and hot glue. The evening went quickly and probably a little too quickly. We had one major Hot Glue to finger burn and there was in incident with the exacto knife. Much later when all the crafts were done we did have a slight dog fight on our hands. It was a pretty dramatic evening all told. Though only 2 injured out of 7 is not too bad.

I have to say the supplies were simple and easy. There was no real prep or long wait times. Definitely a good time!

IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1458 IMG_1457 IMG_1453IMG_1451

Cork Candle Votives

The photo comes from one of the three sites that inspired us:


Addicted 2 Decorating

Snappy Pixels


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