Girl Time: On Boozing and Painting

Did you know there is a new craze where women  paint while having a drink with their girlfriends? I suppose men can come too, but right now it is mostly just popular with women. We went to a building where Grapes and Paints is housed but our instructor informed us that they can take this show on the road to almost anywhere a customer may want. In the past, they’ve done corporate events and a ladies night out at restaurants as well!

The premise is simple. They have a large selection of paintings and you choose one that the group will paint. So everyone paints the same picture but with their own color variation (see photo below). At the venue it is BYOB so everyone can partake in their favorite drink. You can bring food too, if that strikes your fancy. The instructor will walk you all through the steps, slowly and a couple of times – you might need it if you drink too much. She also comes around and helps you touch it up.


It took us about 2 hours to get all 25 of us through the painting. It was super fun and we had a great time. The booze and the painting inspire plenty of jokes within our group.

This even might also really appeal to kids as well. I’m excited to go back again myself!


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