Entertainment Tech on a Budget

There’s some nifty tech out there, but for a millennial on a budget, most seem out of reach.

However, there are two products I’d like to get my hands on.
The first is Aero. Essentially, Aero is live streamed television over the internet. Just like you can obtain free network and public access stations when plugging in your television at home and angling your antenna just right, Aero takes from the television waves and beams them down to your portable device. Think along the lines of NBC, ABC, Fox, the CW and PBS.
via Aero

via Aero

Some caveats are that a) it’s currently under investigation over it’s illegality and heading to the Supreme Court for a ruling and b) it’s not available in all areas.
However, for a free one-month trial and only $8/mo after that, this newly minted New Yorker just might give it a try.
Second on the list is Google’s Chromecast. It almost seems to good to be true, but Chromecast offers an easier solution than finding what cables can attach seamlessly to both your laptop and television. Overpriced Apple additions anyone?
Chromecast promises to simply plug into your TV’s USB port and provide a wireless rout for you to “beam” your favorite streaming shows (via Hulu, Netflix, HBOGo, Roku, etc) directly to your television screen – like a second monitor.
via Google Chromecast

via Google Chromecast

Now this guy comes in around $35 and can be purchased via Amazon, Bestbuy, Google Play, Wal-Mart and Staples. It is not yet available for Kindle Fire nor can it stream Amazon Prime.

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