Pen & Paper

There is nothing more perfect than the feeling of a pen in hand and a blank sheet of paper in front of you. This moment that I took for granted as a youth in school – feeling annoyed with school work, rushing to get the pen and paper out for a pop quiz, and focusing on other tasks at hand in general – holds more magic than I ever could have imagined.

The moment is warm, it heightens your senses, you can feel the pulse of the space you occupy. The moment feels as though it slows so you can saver it. The moment pauses as infinity lays before you. The magic is in the moment. It is the anticipation, the possibility and the beauty in the untouched. The blank sheet, lined or not, seems vast and open, a tundra of opportunity. The pen in hand is almost dangerous in it’s permanent possibilities, an instrument of power. To see the empty page and feel the pen produces a high in the imagination. It sparks the creativity and then the mind races!

What should you do?

Abstract drawing, still life, novels, short stories, poems, songs, math, nature, beauty, ideas, revolution, opinion, expression, passion, love, life and loss. As you imagine, you become a writer, a singer, a genius, an artist or an engineer. Whole worlds can be built on this empty page. Love can be found and life can be lived. You can travel the world, you can travel a new world, you can travel through your imagination trekking through the snowy pages…all things are possible with a pen and paper.

– Grace


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